HIT ISLAND RECORDING STUDIO is a state of the art music production facility based in Barbados

..focused on new music being generated by the talented Barbadian youth


We will help you to transform your creative ideas into acoustic works of art. From initial concept i.e just a melody or words, we provide composition support, beat creation, vocal and instrumental recording and mixing.


After the mixing process has been completed, we master your songs so that they can be enjoyed while being played from any potential source e.g. radio, night club or car radio.


Hit Island has the experiance and skill to capture the essence of your product brand and make it accessible to the tastes of the widest radio audience possible.


After you have a complete song product, it is very important to reach a global audience. Social media is the most efficient means of doing this. Hit Island will work with you to produce cost economical Viral Videos of your works. These can be uploaded to Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, email etc as a part of your marketing strategy.

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