studio engineering course

The Hit Island sound engineering course is an audio program that concentrates on the basics of recording and mixing techniques. We use a combination of theory and hands-on sessions to teach students how to record and mix effectively.

This course is for budding producers who are looking to hone their craft, people who have started recording already and just need some help understanding certain techniques, or anyone interested in pursuing a career in the music industry.

Term starts 9th September. Call 266-7007 or 251-8432

Christopher Maughan

(Course Tutor)

Christopher Maughan is an audio engineer and course tutor at Hit Island Studios in Barbados. He earned a Bachelor in Audio Production at the SAE Institute Byron Bay, Australia. During his time there he worked on many of the top consoles in the industry including the SSL G+, SSL K, Digidesign Icon and worked with producer Rob Feaster ( and Australian Jazz guitarist Jim Kelly.
Being proficient in Pro Tools, the industry standard recording and mixing software, he taught a few class mates advanced Pro Tools techniques. Upon returning to Barbados he worked at various studios across the island as a vocalist and as an engineer, where he has worked extensively with both local and international talent.


1.Introduction - Basic studio operations and signal flow, studio equipment.

2.Microphones - Types of microphones, microphone placement and basic techniques.

3.Monitors & Headphones - Types of monitors and headphones, audio interface.

4.Equalization - Types of EQ, basic equalization techniques.

5.Compression - Compressor types, Gating and expansion.

6.Reverb - How and when to use reverb, types of reverb.

7.Delay - How to use delays effectively, pros and cons of delay.

8.Digital Audio - MIDI sequencing, digital audio basics.

9.Digital Audio Workstations 1 - Types of DAWs, which DAW is for me?

10.Digital Audio Workstations 2 - Recording, routing, labeling.

11.Digital Audio Workstations 3 - Editing, mix preparation, mixing, mastering preparation.

12.Review - Course Review, Q&A.