The Hit Island Radio Show sponsored by Signia Financial, is 30 minutes of pure energy which is hosted by KB Sharp Hit Island CEO and McNeil from the band Evablaze. This entertainment half hour will focus on the new music being generated by the talented youth of Barbados. This show is the platform from which new careers will be launched and the public will form a long lasting relationship with these artists who up to this point in time didn't have a "clear channel" (no pun) to the Barbadian public and indeed to the world. The hosts will perform quality assurance on all works submitted to ensure that it's "radio friendly" and at the appropriate production and entertainment levels. If you have a song that you would like to be featured on the show, please contact KB Sharp at

How to vote your favourite song

Vote for your favorite songs played on the Hit Island show by going on our Facebook page, and choosing your favourite song. At the end of each month, Hit Island will figure out the top 10 songs, and the most popular artist will receive a free creative session at Hit Island Studios.

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